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Einstein's Revolution
Her faith stemmed from a powerful experience of God through light in her youth. Were we given different gifts for similar purposes?  Judge from the amazing circumstances that led to the sharing of our gifts:

On New Years Eve 2008, I opened my garage door at exactly the right moment to observe something that research had taught me could be a UFO.  From an orange light a smaller one descended and disappeared, and seconds later the larger light disappeared. Unbeknown to me, Alison, who had an encounter with a strange 'being' just the night before, read my account of the orange lights in the local paper.  I did not know her then but she lives only about a mile from me. Almost three years later I prayed for healing having realised that I may well have prostate cancer.  The next day Alison emailed me for an opinion about her encounter of three years before.  Having expressed my view that the 'being' could have been an angel (see Chapter 17, p. 274), our exchanges of emails confirmed our similar views on faith and revealed the astonishing news that she had the gift of channelling Christ's healing power for people with cancer.

  After tests revealed that I had advanced prostate cancer, which had spread to bones including spine and pelvis, lymph nodes, one ureter, and small spots on liver and lungs, perhaps unsurprisingly with a PSA level of 265, Alison, and of course various friends and relatives, started to pray for me.  Before I started any conventional treatment my pain was gone.  The kidney pain had been quite debilitating over Christmas, and just sitting was quite uncomfortable.  But Alison had also guided me to seek medical help, and God had been guiding me in recent years to sources of dietary and unconventional treatments, the latter partly through the amazing co-incidence of the late Dr. Bob Beck (Robert C. Beck) being drawn to my attention for obvious reasons.

  The doctor who eventually told me of the results of my next blood test, which had been just one week after my first injection of the testosterone controlling drug Degarelix, actually thought that the testers had failed to check the PSA level, presumably because the report said, “No PSA recorded”, because the very evening after the appointment with that doctor, the BBC Horizon programme about cancer told me that these were the words used when the PSA level was too low to put a value to.

  Alison visited me to pray close range one week before my MRI scan, which for some reason I am still waiting for the results to be fully explained, but the significant thing is that I have been able to sit for long periods at my computer, feeling both mentally and physically better than I have felt for years, to write four scientific papers, three of which have been published in the General Science Journal and one of which is being considered for Physical Essays.

  Through contact with Alison, I seem to have been guided to two things via the work of the person who, after the Holy Spirit, has inspired her most.  My follow up research on the Internet of Dr. Martin Israel had led me via his book on angels to exactly the thing that God had seemed to be guiding me to think about for different reasons: the Fatima apparitions.   And to make this clearer, the reading that Alison was guided to before she prayed for my healing was the account in Luke's Gospel of the angel appearing to the shepherds, which is also how the Fatima story starts. Compare what the last Pope said in an interview about the third secret of Fatima with the last few pages of Chapter 17.

  The second thing was reading of the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson in Martin Israel's Book which Alison had lent me, “Summons to Life The Search for Identity through the Spiritual”, A. R. Mowbray and Co Ltd. (1977) ISBN 0 264 66429 9 . As Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Personality Studies at the University of Virginia, Dr. Stevenson's extensive work over 40 years covering over 3000 instances of apparent reincarnation impressed me, and was of particular interest, as I had recently been reminded of childhood memories of the feeling of great joy at some sort of realisation in ancient Greece on reading of Epicurus, who I had learned had ideas amazingly close to my own (as revealed by the Holy Spirit, but to a mind receptive through past experience or life?).  And Alison's gift of healing enabled me to explain this scientifically here.

  So I must ask the reader to look at the words of Alison's songs here, or better still contact her for a copy of the CD or order via this site, and judge if her gifts of music and healing are from the Holy Spirit, because I believe that only the Holy Spirit can guide you to the truth that may be revealed through our meeting.

  The question then to ask is why would God allow the devil to mislead us when we are both so committed to Jesus, and all my science stems from my decision in 2003 to trust God completely, no matter what terrible things may happen?  Watch this space for whatever the Holy Spirit may yet reveal about the latter.   So far, I seem guided to note the following:

1. The Dresden Codex has a crocodile (a creature with a prominent, pointed tail - like the dragon of the Bible and other texts) as the precursor to the flooding catastrophes of the Mayans.  Red dwarf stars have been observed with tails.  Photographs purported to be of Planet X or Nibiru show it to have a tail and several planetary objects.  I think that I can count seven, though it is hard to be sure, though one amateur astronomer says that he has counted seven planets.  If these planets have ten moons then the 'seven heads and ten horns' of Revelation C.12 might be explained.

2. The great portent that appeared in heaven (start of Revelation C.12) may have happened in September 2011, see and note that in a video now removed it was pointed out that the positions of the Sun and Moon relative to Virgo were as described in Revelation, with Venus and Saturn being relevant, as noted in the above video, to the birth of Jesus and also his return.  The 'woman' being mankind, as Jesus referred to himself as 'the son of man'.

3. The secret plans of the elite revealed near the end of my Chapter 17 are clearly predicted in Revelation C. 6 v 15.

4. Four major power groups have evolved through 20th century history, whose use of secret technologies to control the weather (chemtrails & scalar waves) in the struggle for ultimate control, are bringing the famines and death, thus identifying them as likely candidates as the four horsemen of Revelation C. 6.

Remarkable confirmation, from serious scientists and researchers around the World, of my early conclusions about the memory of water (significant to many things from anti gravity to miracles)
Document summarising the verifications of my theories about light can be found here.
Black Holes
Verification that stars can form from material ejected by black holes can be found here.
Verification that Mars could have spiraled out can be found in evidence of past oceans such as this and in Wayne Herschel's analysis of pyramid like structures in Cydonia to be found in this youtube video
On 23rd Sept. 2011, Dario Autiero of the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Lyon, France, a member of the OPERA collaboration, announced that after spending three years chasing down every source of error they could imagine, it appeared that neutrinos had indeed completed the 730 Km journey between CERN and the OPERA detector at the Gran Sasso lab near L'Aquila, Italy, 60 nanoseconds earlier than light speed.
See the Science Daily article
here and New Scientist 1 October 2011, p.6

My prediction that neutrinos could sometimes travel faster than c was made clear in my second NPA paper (link on Theories page).  See pages 4&5 first.
Introducing Alison Lonsdale
28th April 2012
Chapter 17 of my autobiography records various accounts of God guiding me to others, who proved instrumental in continuing the ways that I was being shown details of creation.  The story of how God has extended that to reveal more of the spiritual through Alison and I is the most amazing so far.

In 2004, while I was writing to explain the nature of light, I had no idea that Alison Lonsdale (unknown to me then) was writing and performing Songs of Light.  I was learning from God how light can contain vast amounts of information that would eventually explain how love can give water 'life', while she was writing these words:
Christ in His word, promises to the believer

Waters of life, flow from your heart like a river

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(reproduced here with artist's permission)