Remarkable confirmation, from serious scientists and researchers around the World, of my early conclusions about the memory of water (significant to many things from anti gravity to miracles)
Document summarising the verifications of my theories about light can be found here.
Black Holes
Verification that stars can form from material ejected by black holes can be found here.
Verification that Mars could have spiraled out can be found in evidence of past oceans such as this and in Wayne Herschel's analysis of pyramid like structures in Cydonia to be found in this youtube video
On 23rd Sept. 2011, Dario Autiero of the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Lyon, France, a member of the OPERA collaboration, announced that after spending three years chasing down every source of error they could imagine, it appeared that neutrinos had indeed completed the 730 Km journey between CERN and the OPERA detector at the Gran Sasso lab near L'Aquila, Italy, 60 nanoseconds earlier than light speed.
See the Science Daily article
here and New Scientist 1 October 2011, p.6

My prediction that neutrinos could sometimes travel faster than c was made clear in my second NPA paper (link on Theories page).  See pages 4&5 first.
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Einstein's Revolution
New Horizons Pluto/Charon
What we are seeing in the Pluto/Charon system is just the latest in revelations about the solar system provided by space exploration pointing to gravitational fields reducing with distance from the Sun or planets, as I suggested in a paper of 2006.

This is a consequence of interpreting general relativity in accordance with certain comments by Einstein that appear to have been missed. In 1920, in an address at the University of Leyden, Germany, Einstein said, “General relativity without ether is unthinkable.” And in adding Appendix V to his popular book in 1952 he clarified that in general relativity space-time is not some 'thing' independent of physical objects. He also made it clear that he envisaged more than one type of gravitational field. The implication is that local gravitational field depends on the exchange of 'particles' (actually groups of many particles) which we might call gravitons, clearly not 'ripples' in some 'thing' called space-time in Einstein's ultimate view.

But if gravitons are something physical that are emitted, clearly they need to be replaced. So given that the Sun looses mass, as planets spiral out as an inevitable consequence, the potency of the fields of Planets and moons must also reduce over long periods. Thus in 2006 I predicted that moons form from material lost from the gas giants (with rocky cores) that explains rings.

Within two years moons were indeed observed to be forming in the rings of Saturn. I also predicted that Kuiper belt objects were the result of moons spiralling out and eventually being lost.  Another consequence that I predicted was that planets and moons tend to expand as they spiral out, especially if they are geologically active. This provides explanations for what New Horizons is revealing. To me this is screaming at us that Pluto and Charon had to be tidally heated by much closer proximity to one or more of the gas giants.

Everything revealed about Mars and the number and spacing of moons, and details of ring systems (including around the Sun, as discovered in 1983) is explained by reducing gravitational fields. So that planets form one by one and spiral out at ever increasing rates to explain the Titius/Bode progression (first proposed by David Calder Hardy in 1973), which is also observed in moons. Mars clearly once had a much larger moon to explain dramatic past geological activity and magnetic field, and a position much closer to the Sun to explain oceans.

See pages 32 on of my 2006 NPA paper.