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Einstein's Revolution
Remarkable confirmation, from serious scientists and researchers around the World, of my early conclusions about the memory of water (significant to many things from anti gravity to miracles)
The Special Theory of Reality
Available now in full as a PDF Here
Also available in paperback from Spire Publishing
The paperback version is slightly fuller and includes appendices 6 and 7, which cast doubt about big bang theories and current interpretations of Relativity. The recommended retail price in UK bookshops is 12.99 but is available at discounts from Spire Publishing.

This book is for those seeking simple, easy to understand alternatives to the ever more complex, unfathomable and even weird way that physics is now presented. I believe that I have Einstein's beautifully simple solution, which makes Relativity easier to understand, demystifies the nature of quantum mechanics and explains why string theory seems to work but will not reveal all until energy is properly understood.

As you can see from the cover I am convinced that some of my ideas come from God. How is it that someone who has not studied physics since "A" levels, apart from two years studying engineering in the sixties, can come up with clear, how and why answers, which seem to tie in with what established, undoubtedly brilliant theorists can only glimpse vaguely in "the mists of their maths"?

Were Newton, Descartes, Einstein and probably many more, also inspired by God? The most important of my ideas came only and after I prayed in tongues, so I have no doubt; and the more I learn the more confident I become.
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Document summarising the verifications of my theories about light can be found here.
Black Holes
Verification that stars can form from material ejected by black holes can be found here.
Verification that Mars could have spiraled out can be found in evidence of past oceans such as this and in Wayne Herschel's analysis of pyramid like structures in Cydonia to be found in this youtube video
On 23rd Sept. 2011, Dario Autiero of the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Lyon, France, a member of the OPERA collaboration, announced that after spending three years chasing down every source of error they could imagine, it appeared that neutrinos had indeed completed the 730 Km journey between CERN and the OPERA detector at the Gran Sasso lab near L'Aquila, Italy, 60 nanoseconds earlier than light speed.
See the Science Daily article
here and New Scientist 1 October 2011, p.6

My prediction that neutrinos could sometimes travel faster than c was made clear in my second NPA paper (link on Theories page).  See pages 4&5 first.