Remarkable confirmation, from serious scientists and researchers around the World, of my early conclusions about the memory of water (significant to many things from anti gravity to miracles)
Document summarising the verifications of my theories about light can be found here.
Black Holes
Verification that stars can form from material ejected by black holes can be found here.
Verification that Mars could have spiraled out can be found in evidence of past oceans such as this and in Wayne Herschel's analysis of pyramid like structures in Cydonia to be found in this youtube video
On 23rd Sept. 2011, Dario Autiero of the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Lyon, France, a member of the OPERA collaboration, announced that after spending three years chasing down every source of error they could imagine, it appeared that neutrinos had indeed completed the 730 Km journey between CERN and the OPERA detector at the Gran Sasso lab near L'Aquila, Italy, 60 nanoseconds earlier than light speed.
See the Science Daily article
here and New Scientist 1 October 2011, p.6

My prediction that neutrinos could sometimes travel faster than c was made clear in my second NPA paper (link on Theories page).  See pages 4&5 first.
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Einstein's Revolution
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Biographical Update 3
On 12th November 2015 my beloved Sister Doris passed on in Woking Hospice after quite recent diagnosis with a very aggressive cancer.

I said this at he funeral:

“Doris did not have the blessing of parents of practising Christian faith.  Though it has to be said that our parents taught us to love.  She made her own decision to trust in Jesus as her saviour and lord as a teenager, and never wavered in that faith through life and death.  She gave great help to countless others in her life with boundless generosity in terms of time, commitment, money, and love, to friends, relations and others, the young to the old, being a rock of dependability.  I may never have found faith but for her influence, as my song for her briefly tells. The significance of this can be judged from my website.  This extract from my favourite part of the Bible encapsulates the nature of her love for me:

From the Living Bible, 1 Corinthians 13 v 7

“If you love someone you will be loyal to him no matter what the cost. You will always believe in him, always expect the best of him, and always stand your ground in defending him.”

Thank you Doris”

My song for her is here

I pointed out after reading and singing the song, assisted by my Wife, Sue and Daughter Joanna, that one hundred miles apart, Doris and my future Wife to be, Sue, had given their hearts to Jesus at relays of the same Billy Graham rally in June 1961.  Those reading my autobiography may conclude as I do that this was more than just co-incidence, but further evidence of the fact that I was unknowingly being guided and prepared from an early age.  It was just a few years before that, when sitting near the piano at my Cousin Tricia's house in Weybridge, that my first idea about gravity came to me.  After stirring a cup of tea and observing how bubbles revolved around each other as they revolved around the cup, the thought came to me that perhaps the orbits of planets was maintained by some overall, governing rotation.  The fact that I appear to have been quite probably right suggests to me that the idea was implanted in my mind by a intelligence far greater than mine at that time.
28th December 2015